Van Byars Auctions
308 East Main Street
Hogansville, Georgia 30230

 Van Byars has conducted outstanding auctions since 1993.  Van enjoys farm living, boating and horses. He is a graduate of Mendenhall School of Auctioneering. Upon graduation, Van  launched his own auction business and gallery. He is Vice-President of Byars Enterprises, Incorporated.  His specialty is selling antiques and collectibles and the buying of antiques and collectibles.  He holds a BS degree.

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Graduating from Mendenhall School of Auctioneering in 1998, Jason W. Brooks jumped right in the auction business. Known for his knowledge in the antiques industry he was one of the principal auctioneers on the well known television show Auction Kings. Jason is a leader in the industry of selling automobiles and is a premier charity fundraising auctioneer who puts hundreds of thousands of dollars on the bottom line for schools and other organizations. He is a noted Southwestern art auctioneer and he and his team bring much to the arena in this facet of the auction industry. His warm and engaging personality make attending an added pleasure.

JW Smith has been in the auction industry since graduation from Mendenhall School of Auctioneering in 2004. JW holds a Bachelors Degree. JW loves fishing and photography. His marketing and media skills in the industry marvel all those who contract him for services.  His area of expertise includes the selling of antiques & collectibles, vintage/classic cars and the liquidation of storage facility units. He is licensed in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Friend JW on facebook under JW Smith Auctioneering Services.





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We still conduct live auctions whenever the auction can be conducted outdoors. Due to Covid restrictions and gathering in a confined area, we are hesitant to bring back the live auctions at our facility. Currently we will post any live auctions we will have to this page of our website. We currently do not anticipate any live events until the Spring months of 2021.